Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Q.Who are TLN Uganda limited?
TLN Uganda limited is a fourth party (4PL) logistics firm incorporated in 2012 which is specialized in the management of supply chains for the manufacturing, agricultural and mining establishments. Our mission is to integrate the Ugandan enterprises into the global supply chains of large foreign firms through the provision of quality logistics services cost- effectively. The company is a one stop supply chain provider which has invested in the human resource, innovations and technology to efficiently meet the logistics needs of its clients. Our business model is that of contract logistics services whereby the client contracts us to plan, manage and control all logistics tasks on their behalf.

As a 4PL service provider TLN acts as a unique interface between the client and multiple logistics service providers including: customs clearing agents, freight forwarders, transporters, shippers, carriers, warehouses etc since we manage all the aspects of the supply chain on behalf of the client. This single client logistics platform created will enables a specific company tailored solution with dedicated focus which enhances efficiency. TLN is a member of The Uganda Freight Forwarders Association (UFFA) and is affiliated to a wide network of logistics service providers worldwide.
Q.What are TLN Uganda Limited’s strategic objectives?
    Reduce the cost of importation/exportation through provision of cost effective transport and logistics services offering competitive rates and transit times.

    To provide useful information on tax policies, refunds and investment incentives. Under this role TLN is handy in helping its clients to set up industrial parks and export processing zones in line with the current Government Economic policy which emphasizes the development of the traded goods sectors that promote import substitution and export promotion.

    Enable importers/exporters to obtain better incoterms (international commercial terms) in international trade with improved competitiveness in the global market.

    To improve market access for importers/exporters in the regional and global markets.

    To ensure that our clients are correctly and fairly taxed.

    To arrange credit financing for transportation, handling and tax payments for clients who do not have ready funds.

    To warehouse goods at fair prices and arrange friendly terms of payment.
Q.What service does TLN Uganda limited offer to its clients as a fourth Party logistics (4PL) service provider?
As a 4PL service provider TLN offers a higher level of supply chain management for the customer. Our 4PL service gives the client a “control tower” view of their supply chains, overseeing the mix of warehouses, shipping companies, freight forwarders and agents. Since we are an independent entity who are not competitors in the service provision, we pick for the client the best combination of logistics service providers that will deliver efficiently within good time and at affordable cost.
Q.What are the advantages of contracting TLN as a 4PL service provider?
The clients we serve can focus on their core competencies to better manage the core functions of their enterprises to achieve their set goals since all follow ups on logistics service providers and supervision of the entire supply chain is done by TLN on their behalf.

Improved service levels, minimize asset down time due to non – availability of raw materials and reduced supply chain risks to the business.

Reduce logistics costs through improved logistics offered by integrated supply chain planning.

Improved logistics cost and performance visibility when the companies we serve shift resources from own asset operation and maintenance cost associated with in-house logistics systems to TLN as a 4PL service provider.

The leverage of external logistics specialists to bring skilled resources , industry leading logistics practices and technologies to the company while providing the flexibility to meet the peculiar demands of the client.

Better supply chain visibility enabled whereby the client /shipper will be given insights into cargo arrival dates, freight conditions and time frames, irregularities in the delivery chain and other relevant information/updates right from the start to the end of the delivery process. With insight into so many important functions of the supply chains, shippers are able to moderate lead-time, mitigate risk and reduce costs.

TLN enable customer connectivity for its clients. In this era of e-commerce, online shopping has reduced the interface between the business and the customers. As a 4PL provider, TLN improves customer relations for their B2C clients by keeping in close contact with their purchases. When TLN takes on a client’s logistics needs they also take on the needs of their customers. We keep customers informed about their purchase from when they buy to when the goods land in their hands and this leads to better brand loyalty on the part of our clients.

TLN is a trusted advocate for its clients through various representations on behalf of the client without extra spending. With TLN as a contracted 4PL service provider in place the client does not need to spend on maintaining an in-house logistics department nor do they need to spend on costly commitment of equipment and assets required for effective logistics.
Q.What are the unique strengths of M/S TLN Uganda limited as a 4PL logistics service provider?
The following attributes make TLN very effective as a 4PL company:

The company has a diverse team of knowledgeable and experienced logistics professionals led by Mr. Ephraim Kaddu a former senior customs officer with Uganda Revenue Authority who is the Managing Director. We have invested in human resource, technology and systems and this gives us leverage of operational efficiency.

The company is associated with a wide network of International logistics professionals across the globe. TLN is an active member of the Uganda Freight Forwarders Association (UFFA).

TLN has contractual relationships with several vetted logistics service providers whom it engages to offer quality services and follows up on behalf of the clients. This ensures high performance levels.
Q.What value added services does TLN Uganda limited offer as a 4PL service provider
Duty Draw back claims: Today, shippers can't afford to overlook any cost savings that will position them to better compete in the global marketplace. The accurate tracking of exports against imports and the reconciling of customs documents are just two examples that an importer or shipper can utilize to maximize their duty savings. TLN manages all duty drawback, reconciliation, and post-entry services

International trade documentation: Under the usual practice, most importers prefer CIF incoterms when importing goods while exporters prefer EX-factory incoterms in order to avoid inconveniences of logistics handling. This practice disadvantages shippers and makes their businesses less competitive. Thus TLN helps its clients take on suitable incoterms and manages the value chains.

TLN helps arrange cargo insurance on behalf of interested clients.

Tax advisory services: This service involves advising our clients on their rights and obligations in national taxation regimes. One key area is that of investment incentives such as duty exemptions, VAT deferment, duty draw backand manufacturing under bond which directly impact on manufacturers, commercial farmers and the mining industry who are our core clients among others. TLN assists its clients to benefit from the enabling tax regime. We also enable some of our clients to set up export processing zones and industrial parks under the frame work the current inward looking economic policies of import substitution and export promotion.